Live Crustaceans at Captain Baxter for Fresh Beachside Dining

Pre-order premium fresh seafood at Captain Baxter, for the freshest beachside dining experience you can get. Think abalone to start date night, or a whole Coral Trout to feed the family. Select the way you flavour your live crustaceans of choice, or let our chefs point you in the right direction with their expert tastebuds. With your choice of steamed, fermented black beans + aromatic herbs, hot & numbing ‘Chongqing’ style, Baxter’s native salt & pepper or our Hong Kong ‘Typhoon shelter’.

Hosting a special occasion? Ask about our suckling pig which feeds up to twenty people and is a real showstopper. Wanting a more low-key and hearty but authentic affair? A Bo Ssam roast lunch or dinner served with pickles, aromatic herbs, lettuce and cabbage.

Our pre-ordered menus are seasonal, ideal for foodies wanting to sample a selection of specialty dishes. All you have to do is contact Captain Baxter and start preparing for an experience you won’t forget. Get in touch with us today to take your dining up a notch, you will have your guests raving about it for months!