Established in 2005 as Amello Pty Ltd, our local, Melbourne based family started a new venture, opening Republica St Kilda Beach, which delivered on our passion and promise of great food, stunning views, exceptional service, and a selection of outstanding beverages.

The success of this venue meant we could branch out and launched our second venue, Encore St Kilda in 2011. We were lucky enough to create Captain Baxter within that year, and launch in 2012. Mr McCracken opened in 2017 in Essendon Fields, with the latest venture, Toorak Hotel, joining the family in 2023.

Having been raised in the hospitality industry means it’s in our blood. We have this innate desire to do things a little differently, while injecting more fun and social hospitality into the Melbourne entertainment scene. We see it as our mission to keep delivering unique and distinguished venues to the people of Melbourne and its guest, contributing to our standing as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Our values are simple:


To attract and retain the best staff to the MELBOURNE HOSPITALITY PEOPLE family


To create spaces that are fun, engaging, relaxing and friendly


That clear communication and honest actions underpin all great businesses.