Bridal Banter Podcast

Encore St Kilda presents our very own wedding podcast, just to you! 

Each fortnight, we’ll have our incredibly amazing and experienced wedding venue coordinators jump on to chat all things wedding planning, the struggles of COVID-19, and answering any questions about your event that you may have. You name it, we’ll be talking about it (as long as it’s wedding focused duh). We’re here to keep informed and distractive during this uncertain time, all the while keeping you excited for your upcoming special wedding day!

Our first couple of episodes introduce you to our Melbourne wedding venue team, Amy, Antonia and Ruby, where they give you their advice and opinion on everything from post COVID wedding trends, to 10 things you should discuss before you get married. We also have a special guest appearance from our favourite wedding event photographer, Mr John Warren, who never ceases to put us in fits of laughter!

We don’t know about you, but listening along to these wedding episodes each fortnight has really helped us feel like we’ve been able to be a part of a community again, even if it is from afar. Trust us, you’ll feel like we’re best friends after you finish listening.

We have already got a great line up of Wedding episode ideas that we’ll be recording over the coming weeks, and we’d love to you along for the ride, until you can plan your wedding venue with certainty!

If you feel like having a giggle and putting a smile on your face, listen below!