Republica Refresh

Picture this – it’s a warm summer’s afternoon, let’s say 26 degrees, you’re perched on one of Republica’s beachfront tables with the brisk breeze kissing your cheeks and the ocean scent tickling your nose. The condensation of your ice-cold Aperol Spritz or Carlton Draught is trickling down the glass and spilling across the table. You lift your drink up to your lips and take a sip, feeling that glorious crisp sensation run down your throat, and as you look across St Kilda Beach with the sun glistening in your eyes, you think to yourself, isn’t this the life?

Have we got your attention now?

Out of 10, how much are you currently missing the above scenario? For us it’s about a 12/10.

Our amazing front of house St Kilda Bar and Restaurant staff that you generally see serving you a beer, pizza and a smile, are currently busy working away getting your favourite weekend hangout location looking fresh for your long-awaited arrival. We will be celebrating St Kilda beachside soon.

You name it and they’re on to it – our Head Chef is drilling, bartenders are sanding, managers are painting, and we’re also in the midst of decking out the courtyard. Our St Kilda Restaurant and Bar is sparkling and ready to provide drinks and food, on the beach.

With all this spare time on our hands, we’re having an absolute ball refreshing Republica and getting it ready for you all to enjoy once we have the privilege of opening our St Kilda Restaurant doors again.

You’re not going to recognise the place after we’ve finished with it! (But in a good way).

Not going to lie though, we miss seeing all of your smiling faces out in our St Kilda Hotel courtyard on a sunny day, indulging in a pizza (or two).

Just think, it won’t be too much longer until you can relish in another Republica Sunday session, looking out over St Kilda Beach with live music playing in the background, and having a laugh with your mates.

Republica St Kilda Beach will be back up and running before you know it, with all of your favourites plus some extra goodies we are cooking up behind the scenes. Iconic St Kilda drinks, beachside, for the people.

We will see you on the other side! Soon….