Melbourne Conference and Team Building Activities

Keeping a conference fun and interesting whilst still maintaining a business focus can be a challenge for some event planners. Traditional team-building activities can leave people groaning at the thought (think trust falls and too many flipcharts).

A new breed of corporate activities are revolutionising otherwise stuffy training days with delegates encouraged to develop their own skills in a professional environment. The guys at Be Challenged have developed a range of team-building activities which can focus on different skill sets such as collaboration, leadership, communication, problem solving and strategic thinking.

The team here at Encore St Kilda recently enjoyed a staff development day and had a great time. We challenged ourselves with the ‘Beat The Box’ activity – an End Of The World game where you start the task in individual teams in pitch black darkness (hence the glamourous headtorches) but have to work together to find the code to stop the timer before it hits zero. The game was full of mystery, problem solving, adrenalin and excitement and we succeeded with a mere 5 seconds to spare!

An ‘Amazing Race’ style activity works well with Encore’s Melbourne beachfront position in St Kilda, the race can also incorporate some of the iconic points of interest surrounding the venue such as Luna Park, St Kilda Beach, Catani Gardens, Acland Street and St Kilda Marina.

So how do you choose the right activity for your conference?
“It’s all about identifying your objectives, what you’re looking to achieve and any areas of growth you want to promote within your team. We would take into account the season, environment and schedule you have when suggesting programs. Ultimately, it’s about helping you reach your full potential all whilst having some fun!” 

Leigh Kitto – Be Challenged, Account Manager

Our Melbourne event team at Encore can tailor a huge range of activities to liven up your next Conference, Launch or Presentation. Some other ideas for conference and event team building activities include:

St Kilda Beach Volleyball
Skydiving (yes its true and the LZ is a short stroll from Encore – best for smaller conference groups)
Cooking lessons (actually great fun with high-profile chefs)
Huge range of awesome guest speakers
St Kilda Sea Baths Roof-top ping pong, badminton and more
Dusk St Kilda Penguin Tour
Sea Baths recovery session
High Altitude session
Sand Castles (Sand sculptures – yes you will be surprised)
Casino nights (an old favourite but always popular)

Just to name a few!

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Written by Antonia Beddoes & Nell Bent,
Encore St Kilda Beach Event Coordinators.