Origins of the Humble Charcuterie

Let’s be honest, preserving and curing meat is no new phenomenon. In fact, the techniques date back to the origins of human beings. But through the trials and tribulations of evolution and culture, curing meats is now not just for the preservation of protein and has developed into a household staple enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner worldwide oh, and in our Essendon Restaurant!

Mr McCracken’s ‘take’ on cured meats is in the form of our Charcuterie boards which are comprised of our chef’s selection of beautify cured and salted meats with pickled vegetables, liver pâté all accompanied by grissini sticks and crusty bread to top it off.

Drinks to match of course!

It’s one of our most loved dishes on our share menu  – but the people are divided as to the pronunciation of the word itself!

The word ‘charcuterie’ comes from the French butchers that specialised in developing ways to season and cook meat whilst keeping it fresh and presentable for restaurant and café shop windows – to entice passers-by.

We have had many variations of the pronunciation of this word so here’s a little tip… say it in chunks! Shar-coo-ter-ie.

In our Essendon Restaurant within the Mr McCracken Hotel, our pronunciation is somewhat different, but everyone seems to understand is a great lunch or dinner appetiser. It is also a very good addition to our legendary Happy Hour at Essendon Fields. 

No matter how you say it, at the end of the day, we can all agree it is undeniably delicious!

Come in and try it for yourself.

Written by Ruby Anderson,
Mr McCracken Event Coordinator.