St Kilda Pier - Home to the World's Tiniest Penguins

St Kilda Pier is home to the tiniest species of penguin in the world! The Eudyptula Minor are affectionately known as the ‘Little penguin’. At just 30cm tall and weighing a mere one kilogram these adorable creatures will melt your heart!

Unlike their Antarctic counterparts, Little St Kilda penguins don’t believe in one soulmate. In fact, between 18-50% of Little penguins’ break-up with their first crush and find new mate – how progressive!

It’s a little like many St Kilda Bars – a great Penguin colony but not all St Kilda dinner dates work out. 

You can view the St Kilda penguins for free along the St Kilda Foreshore just a short stroll from Republica and Captain Baxter at the St Kilda Pier. Witnessing the St Kilda penguins waddle up to their nests among the rocks has become quite the event in St Kilda and a popular tourist spot for travellers who venture down to the pier before dinner to see them nestle in for the evening. To catch the occasion, mosey on down to the St Kilda pier after sunset or if you are an early riser, you can spot them swimming back out to sea at sunrise. We suggest arriving early, just before dusk, to beat the crowds and checking the sunset/sunrise website to know what time the penguins are returning home. A low light camera is a must if you plan to see them at night as no flash is allowed (the penguins don’t like the big bright, Hollywood lights). You will find the penguins at St Kilda beach all year round. Winter is a great time to bring the kids to St Kilda to see the Penguin Colony as it gets darker earlier. Visiting the Penguins is also a great idea for a date night in St Kilda.

Written By Samantha Mileto,
Event Coordinator.