The Secret to Keeping Warm This Winter!

We don’t know about you but are absolutely STRUGGLING to stay warm this winter (and it’s only just begun…).

Thankfully, Republica St Kilda Beach’s Executive Chef, Matthew Dawson is offering the food version of a hug with the most soul, heart and tummy warming dessert for our winter menu. If you’re an apple dessert fan (or even if you’re not), you’ll want to keep reading. 

Remember when you were 8 years old visiting grandma, and you could smell the spiced-apple perfume wafting from her kitchen. The promise of her beloved apple pie. The recipe, a closely guarded secret.

Remember? Doesn’t it made your mouth water just thinking of that buttery sweet crumble laced across plump, aromatic orchard fruits? Surely dessert couldn’t get any better than grandma’s?

Enter Republica St Kilda Beach’s very own version of grandma’s apple pie – apple & quince shortbread crumble with vanilla bean ice cream. Don’t worry, we’re drooling too.

The perfect dessert to enjoy by our indoor fireplace overlooking St Kilda Beach’s undulating waves – we really do have the best of both worlds down here in the St Kilda Sea Baths. And lucky for you, it will be on our menu for the entirety of winter, so you’ve got plenty of opportunities to tickle those tastebuds!

So tell your bestie, your mum, your uncle and your dog (maybe not grandma, we don’t want her thinking her dessert has been replaced), and join us for some winter warmer goodness down at Republica St Kilda Beach!

We are excited to be a part of The City of Port Phillip’s collaboration with well-known food journalist and broadcaster Wendy Hargreaves, to deliver their ‘Dessert First’ campaign as part of their Victorian Government grant from the Outdoor Eating and Entertainment program, and be able to share this delicious winter warmer dessert to you all!