Twilight Beach Polo

Summer in St Kilda just got hotter. The 2024 Twilight Beach Polo is a day for socialising and enjoying the fashion with Melbourne’s best Polo Players and friends. It is a thrilling day on the sands, only to segue seamlessly into the famed VIP afterparty hosted at Captain Baxter.

After an epic day on the sand, teams, sponsors, and friends continue their celebrations amidst the vibrant beachside atmosphere of St Kilda.

With the sun-kissed horizon as a backdrop and the salty breeze setting the scene, Captain Baxter hosts the post-polo revelry in style. The energy of the day’s competitive sport transforms into a different rhythm as players and attendees exchanged their chukka for cocktails and bask in the famed St Kilda ambiance, and partying to Melbourne’s best DJ’s.

The 2024 Twilight Beach Polo Afterparty is an annual party that continues the celebrations, straight after the West Beach Polo Event. VIP’s and friends usually stroll the short distance to the St Kilda Sea Baths and wrist bands show entry to continue the days beachside fun. Booths on the beachfront deck, DJ’s, bottle service and unmatched cocktails as the sun sets.

Held every year, the 2024 Twilight Beach Polo Afterparty is the ticket everyone wants. Players and VIP’s mingle, sharing pics with the trophy and anecdotes from the days polo matches. Everyone enjoys refreshing cocktails crafted with precision by our expert mixologists.

The Polo teams, sponsors, and friends form an eclectic mix, each contributing to the kaleidoscope of the event. The afterparty is full of camaraderie and celebration. It isn’t just a continuation of the day’s events but a unique experience, adding another layer of excitement to an already unforgettable day on the sand.

The venue’s panoramic views of the beach, bay and coastline and its vibrant, laid-back ambiance perfectly complemented by epic sunsets makes for an incredible St Kilda Polo celebration.

The Twilight Beach Polo is a yearly highlight on Melbourne’s sporting and fashion landscape. It is unique due to it being played on the beach.  Fashion is high on the agenda and the 2024 Twilight Beach Polo Afterparty will be outstanding, proving every year that in St Kilda, the party doesn’t stop when the sun sets.

Luxury Escapes Twilight Beach Polo 2024, on the sand of St Kilda West Beach on Saturday 10 February 2024.
Check out the details on the website HERE.
Official Polo After Party at Captain Baxter and Republica at St Kilda Sea Baths

Captain Baxter is proudly a founding partner of the Twilight Beach Polo on West Beach, St Kilda. We are the Official Afterparty venue for the Twilight Beach Polo and a Polo Team sponsor.